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    Book 01 of The Pit Dragon Trilogy. Dragon's Blood. By . few coins. But Jakkin knew that once he had trained his dragon to fight in the pits, his bag would be. A Sending of Dragons: The Pit Dragon Chronicles, Volume Three - Ebook written by Jane Yolen. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC. Read "Dragon's Heart" by Jane Yolen available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up Heart's Blood - The Pit Dragon Chronicles, Volume Two ebook by Jane Yolen.

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    Pit Dragon Trilogy Ebook

    Dragon's blood by Jane Yolen, , Magic Carpet Books edition, in English - 1st Magic Carpet Series: Book one in the Pit dragon trilogy. Editorial Reviews. Review. "An original and engrossing fantasy."--The Horn Book . About the Book 1 of 4 in Pit Dragon Chronicles (4 Book Series). Editorial Reviews. Review. " the dragons display vivid personalities and agendas the Book 4 of 4 in Pit Dragon Chronicles (4 Book Series).

    Shelves: sci-fi , young-adult , fantasy These were my introduction into science fiction and fantasy, and they're great. They're gory and desperate and cruel and wonderful. You can imagine how after years of beginner chapter books and Anne of Green Gables, something like this was a smack in the face. The main character is a bonded slave, born into a situation he hopes to download his way out of. Nobility isn't always rewarded in this series, and sneakiness sometimes turns out to be the w These were my introduction into science fiction and fantasy, and they're great. Nobility isn't always rewarded in this series, and sneakiness sometimes turns out to be the winning move. Refreshing when you're ten and just starting to get exactly how unfair the world can be -- and it's nice to see that understanding reflected in a book. Honestly, if your kid's shown any interest in this sort of book, leave the first one lying around and see if they'll bite. The worldbuilding is incredibly creative, the dragon aspect totally cool, and the writing's just flat-out great -- Yolen is quality whenever she writes, and this is a stellar example of writing for children who can handle getting their minds blown.

    Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Dragon's Blood by Jane Yolen. Dragons are trained to fight to the death, and two determined teens help free them in this spellbinding saga. Training a dragon to be a fighting champion is the only way to freedom for fifteen-year-old Jakkin.

    Get A Copy. Paperback , inc preview Heart's Blood , pages. Published May 1st by Magic Carpet Harcourt first published More Details Original Title. Pit Dragon Chronicles 1. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Dragon's Blood , please sign up.

    Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 12, Caroline rated it did not like it. I absolutely hated this atrocity of literature. She also invents cuss-words for her world which she readily uses with gusto, making me cringe as if she had actually used a real one.

    She apparentl I absolutely hated this atrocity of literature. She apparently does not know or understand the audience she is aiming for, and, therefore, entirely misses her target. It felt like a cheap rip off of every fantasy novel since the birth of that genre they even greet each other with a version of the star trek Vulcan salute!

    View all 9 comments. Apr 17, H. I loved this book when I was a kid. Read it for the first time in 5th grade. Still love it to this day. First of all, this was a children's book and yes, perhaps it it is not politically correct for today where feminism is concerned, it does create a world that did not exist before its inception. That is the beauty of fiction. This book was one of my first plunges into the genre I loved this book when I was a kid. I was lost in a world of dragons and the boy who had the daring to dream beyond his limited life.

    There was magic to the pages of this book, and I for one have not forgotten the touch of that magic So though it may not be the most sophisticated writing that ever graced the page, it is a beloved book that graces a place of honor on my bookshelf and always will.

    Aug 05, Adrienne rated it it was ok Shelves: First I gave it a 3. Then I took a nap and realized it was closer to a 2.

    The world sounds beautiful, but the characters are decidedly not. I usually don't care much what people in non-existent worlds do but the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. Main character- "Hi girl that I wasn't particularly close to. You're nice and pretty and I kind of like you but never said anything to that effect in the entire book. Your dad gave you to me, and one day I'll have enough money that you'll gla First I gave it a 3. Your dad gave you to me, and one day I'll have enough money that you'll gladly accept me as your master.

    View all 3 comments. Jan 13, E. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.


    This book is written for a younger audience, middle grade age I believe, as such I'm going to try and avoid any criticisms on the writing style, though I had many complaints about it. Instead I'll focus on the plot, characters, and the world building. This book is the first in what I believe is a four book series.

    Dragon Flight: Jessica Day George: Bloomsbury Children's Books

    I haven't read the other books and I'm not going to finish the series. I'm aware some of the issues I have with the first book might be fixed in the next book, but I feel the first boo This book is written for a younger audience, middle grade age I believe, as such I'm going to try and avoid any criticisms on the writing style, though I had many complaints about it.

    I'm aware some of the issues I have with the first book might be fixed in the next book, but I feel the first book of any series should be strong enough to stand on it's own merit.

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    World Building: What's that you ask? Well I wouldn't ask the author of this book. We get a short excerpt in the beginning of the book about the planet Austar IV where the story takes place. Yolen was also kind enough to provide us with a completely useless family tree of Heart's Blood. I say useless because after reading this book I don't see how this information actually adds anything to the story line.

    I mean do I really need to know which dragon was culled, which wasn't and who mated with who. Is that actually relevant information in later books? We're not talking Game of Thrones here, there weren't that many dragons.

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    So my issue with this book is there is very little, if any, world building. By the end of the book I've learned almost nothing about the world the characters inhabit.

    Since I initially skipped reading the excerpt at the beginning, let's look at what we learn from the book alone: People are capable of space travel. The planet the people inhabit has dragons, which almost became extinct until the people stepped in and started to breed them to fight each other in pits.

    Dragon's Blood

    The planets entire economy is based around these fights. The people are separated into two classes: Seriously are there any non slave owning people on this horrible excuse for a planet? A slave can earn enough money to download their freedom. Now lets look at what we learn from going back to the excerpt: The planet started out as a penal colony named Austar IV. By the way, the inhabitants are called Austarians. That's really not that clever. Also, they originally came from Earth.

    The capital city is called Rokk. Austar IV has dragons, which almost became extinct, until some genius said, "Hey, lets breed these guys and make them fight each other.

    The planets economy is based around these fights. The separation of classes is based on the convict-guard hierarchy from generations ago. So after pages, we actually learn less about the planet then we do in the excerpt. This for me, is a major problem, the story wasn't interesting enough by itself to keep reading. I only finished the book because I was hoping by the end I would learn more about the planet than the meager amount of information the author doled out.

    Why and how did the Austarians first come up with the idea and ability to breed a thirteen foot long fire breathing lizard that can fly? Is dragon the only meat on the planet that's edible? Were the settlers so desperate for fresh meat, they figured, why not? Are there any other animals on this planet besides dragons and drakks?

    Austar IV was suppose to be a penal colony, wouldn't they have sent them off with livestock or supplies? Why can people telepathically communicate with these dragons, when as far as I can tell, they're only native to this planet?

    Humans didn't evolve to telepathically communicate with a different species in years and I'm pretty sure the dragons didn't either. Is the ability to sense whether an egg contains a dragon related to the telepathy? If so, why can only some people sense them? Why is stealing a dragon egg forgivable, but stealing a hatchling a horrible crime? I read the explanation the author gave, but honestly that made very little sense.

    If a person steals an egg that contains a dragon, you're still short a hatchling, you just don't know it. Why do dragons only respond to trainers when they speak thou and thee? Why was Sarkkhan trying to breed a mute dragon? Why is there no electricity except in rare instances, but they have what I assume are trucks and high powered tasers that are powerful enough to kill a dragon?

    Why is a book written by a female author so sexist? Maybe some of these questions are answered in the following books, but honestly the author did such a poor job exploring her own world in this book that I just don't care. The entire story is based around a young man named Jakkin.

    He's a bond slave to a fairly well off and successful dragon breeder. Jakkin dreams of one day being a master, our hero people. He doesn't just want to be free man; he wants to one day own other people. In order to free himself though, he needs money. Jakkin's dad had some experience in training dragons before he died, so he decides to steal an egg from his master and raise it to fight in the pits, because we all know the ability to train a 13 foot dragon to fight is hereditary.

    Before our hero, can steal an egg however, he's severely injured trying to kill a creature called a drakk, which kills and eats dragon hatchlings. When he wakes up all the eggs have hatched. Since stealing a hatchling is severely punished, he decides to torture himself with what he can't have by going to visit the new dragons.

    While in the barn he discovers that the people who counted the hatchlings made an error and they missed one. Not even a little bit suspicious, he steals the dragon and sneaks him off to an area he had set up to train it. He spends a year training this dragon to fight in the pits with the help of another bond slave named Akki.

    At the end of the year he has Akki register his dragon in it's first fight. The dragon wins and Jakkin's master congratulates him and tells Jakkin he actually let him steal the dragon.

    The master deliberately miscounted so Jakkin would have a chance to prove what a great trainer he was. He then offers Jakkin Akki's services, who is apparently his daughter, when he finally earns enough to free himself.

    The End. The book itself was poorly paced. We don't get to the theft of the hatchling until about page We then have to wait until page for the first and only fight. If only the pages in between were actually entertaining. We learn all the moves Jakkin teaches his dragon, but in name only. The descriptions that follow are so poor I'm still not sure what move is what.

    There's not much I can say here except, there isn't a single redeemable character in the lot. There isn't a single moment in the book that our protagonist thinks maybe you shouldn't own people. In fact, we end the book with Jakkin dreaming of one day downloading Akki.

    What really irritates me is that the author made the protagonist so unlikable,after subjecting us to crappy world-building and a poorly paced plot. It was totally unnecessary as well; it's possible to create a character whose evil or even morally objectionable and have them still be likable. Just look at the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathon Stroud. Rescued by the desert sages of Delaron, Donavah finally learns of her role in an ancient prophecy—a prophecy that must be fulfilled if maejic is to survive in Alloway.

    When two warring kingdoms unified against a deadly dragon laying waste to both their lands, they had to make a choice: Now, centuries later, everyone expects Princess Sorrowlynn to choose the barbarian prince over the fire-breathing beast—but she is determined to control her own destiny or die trying.

    But the beast has a different plan. In this captivating sequel to AutumnQuest, Donavah is learning to control her vast maejic powers under the tutelage of Yallick, a revered mage. Maejic is outlawed in Alloway, and dreadful news of the Royal Guard drives the majes—along with Xyla the red dragon—from their hidden forest sanctuary. Stripped of her voice, the use of her hands, and her maejic, she is utterly helpless until rescued by a handsome and mysterious young man.

    Evil forces are scheming to dispose of the mages and overthrow the king. Their fate rests on Donavah—perhaps their only hope for restoring the rightful rule of the dragons. Crippled physically and spiritually, can the young mage break free from the terrible spell before all is lost?

    On the cusp of an evil plot to overthrow the Kingdom of Alloway, fifteen-year-old Donavah finds herself a pawn in the hands of an evil mage.

    In the culmination of this imaginative saga of dragons, maejic, and time-defying lands, the girl who can communicate with dragons and animals is now fighting for herself, her family, and the rightful return of the Red Dragons. Held hostage, Donavah must be wary of whom to trust and whom to run from, as traitors, thuggish guardsmen, and a corrupted king are all working against the good of the land.

    In this fresh and inspiring tale, the dilemmas facing Donavah can only be resolved if she trusts in her gifted maejic and relies on the strength of her heart. The Whim of the Dragon.

    Book 3. Three things have the power to destroy the Secret Country: The cousins Ted, Laura, Ruth, Patrick, and Ellen have faced the first two; now, summoned back to the Secret Country, they must face the third. The Country's most trusted counselors now know that the five are impostors, somehow thrust into the roles of royalty, but no one knows who has been playing with their destinies.

    The truth lies with only Chryse, the unicorn, and Belaparthalion, the dragon. But getting to them, and speaking with them, is more complex and dangerous than it seems…. Get them! Similar ebooks. The Bagpiper's Ghost. A boy becomes possessed by an angry ghost after a visit to a Scottish graveyard Twins Jennifer and Peter rarely get along, except when it comes to their fascination with ghosts, magic, and mystery.

    While visiting their grandmother in Scotland, the 2 children sneak off to a graveyard—which unfortunately turns out to be a very, very bad idea. This is definitely the last one, make no mistake about that. Here, the series comes to a head. Jakkin and Akki have learned the secrets of the Dragons. Mostly, the two take care of their own problems, but both need help, both from the dragons, and the other adults.

    She has returned to her Pit Dragon trilogy of books written in the s! Jakkin and Akki return home after a year in the hands of the murderous Trogs, with several dragons and secrets in tow.

    But when she sees a familiar and frightening face, she is kidnapped, and it is up to Jakkin to save her.

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