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  2. Walter Laird Technique of LATIN DANCING
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Technique of Latin. Dancing. Walter Laird. Supplement. Technique for the British Dance Council's. Appendix 1 (Latin) Figures. Martin Blais - Salsa - Latin Dance Study Guide. Technique of Ballroom Dancing - Guy Luca Bussoletti & Tjasa Vulic - WDSF Viennese Waltz - Folder: Ballroom Dancing Books & Guides (danceSport. Walter Laird - Technique of LATIN DANCING. Size: Mb (pdf). Walter Laird - Technique of LATIN.

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Walter Laird Technique Of Latin Dancing Pdf

Download Walter Laird - Technique of Latin Dancing Supplement __OCR. Walter Laird - Technique of LATIN DANCING DESCRIPTION. The classic book on the syllabus steps and technique of latin dancing. Title Slide of Technique of latin dancing w. laird - copy.

One day she took dictation from Walter Laird, who was a scientist working there. At the end of the dictation, he asked her if she was keen on dancing. Like most of the girls, I now knew how to Jitter Bug later called the Jive , and I was having a great time! My answer to him was that I loved dancing and that I was pretty good at it too! We made a date and to my horror it turned out Walter was a professional ballroom dancer. I soon realised that I was well out of my depth. However, Walter offered to teach me to dance properly as he thought that I had potential. So that was how my second career was born! Laird did not switch to Latin until some time after the war. Laird's three world championships — were in partnership with Lorraine Reynolds now Rohdin , known professionally as 'Lorraine'. Later Walter married Julie, who continues the dance school in South London. One of Laird's greatest achievements was his Technique of Latin dancing, first published in ; further editions in , , , , , Initially Laird followed the traditional descriptive format, but in edition he published the results of a major analysis of Latin dance, and used a tabular form, including a column for 'action used' to help definition. This edition was widely influential, and has since been accepted by many dance teacher organisations as a definitive work. IDTA standard text.

"Technique of Latin Dancing" - Walter Laird

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Walter Laird Technique of LATIN DANCING

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"Technique Of Latin Dancing" - Walter Laird - Encyclopedia of DanceSport

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Laird,Walter - Technique of Latin Dancing

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