This essential book is a comprehensive collection of design concepts, sizing To download a PDF of The Hook-Up Book Design of Fluid Systems, complete the . Recognizing the on-going need for education as it relates to the fundamentals of steam including the most efficient use of its heat content, Spirax Sarco has. Engineering Data Book-Spirax Sarco ().pdf - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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    Spirax - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. book are actual applications put to the test by steam users throughout the country . Their stories are testi- monials to the products and services Spirax Sarco. For assistance with the installation or operation of any Spirax Sarco product or application, call toll free: III How to Use This Book Selection of.

    Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Hook Ups, Spirax Sarco. Jesus Zamudio. All Rights Reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Spirax Sarco, Inc. Blythewood, SC Phone: The existing and potential applications for steam, water and air are virtually unlimited. Beginning with steam generation, through distribution and utilization and ultimately returning condensate to the boiler, Spirax Sarco has the solutions to optimize steam sys- tem performance and increase productivity to save valuable time and money. As support to industries around the globe, Spirax Sarco offers decades of experience, knowledge, and expert advice to steam users world- wide on the proper control and conditioning of steam systems. Spirax Sarco draws upon its worldwide resources of over people to bring complete and thorough ser- vice to steam users. This service is built into our products as a performance guarantee. From initial con- sultation to effective solutions, our goal is to manufacture safe, reliable products that improve pro- ductivity. With a quick, responsive team of sales engineers and a dedicated network of local authorized distributors Spirax Sarco provides quality service and support with fast, efficient delivery.

    The text books show how the throttling effect of passing dry saturated steam through an orifice leads to superheat conditions at the outlet; however unless the pressure drop is very great, a very small amount of wetness in the high pressure steam means that the steam is a little drier but not superheated after the pressure reduction.

    Example: dry steam at From steam tables: Total enthalpy of 1 kg of steam at Alternatively, as steam is rarely dry saturated, a more practical consideration is the case where the steam has a dryness fraction of less than one prior to pressure reduction.

    To determine the limiting dryness such that superheat does not occur on the low pressure side; from tables, the specific enthalpy of water hf at If the 2 bar g steam at the exit of the orifice is not to be superheated then its maximum enthalpy shall be that of dry saturated steam, i. Note: immediately after reasonably large reductions in steam pressure as that illustrated above, the steam will be initially in a meta stable state.

    It is therefore recommended that where superheat is likely or known to cause problems e. From pressure upstream of trap move horizontally to pressure in return line - A.

    Follow curve to right hand scale and across to same return line pressure - C.

    Read return line size. During the warming up period, the rate of condensation will be at its highest and this will govern the sizing of steam traps for mains drainage.

    With the steam main in use there will be a smaller but continuous heat loss due to convection and radiation from the pipe.

    Warming up losses Heat will be required initially to bring the cold pipe up to working temperature. The warming up rate will depend on the time which is allowed and this should be based on a practical assessment. If 20 minutes is accepted instead of 10 minutes, then the steam flow rate is cut by half and the system may benefit from reduced stresses. A warming up time of 30 minutes would cut the warming up rate yet again. Optional insulation jacket for quick and easy insulation.

    Low temperature carbon steel. After construction insulation can be awkward because of their widely differing geometry.

    Space saving with standardised design. Lightweight to support and easy to install with optional mounting kit. Easy to maintain. Lower cost than conventional welded design. Condensate collection manifold. At the end of the tracer line the steam trap discharges the condensate into another manifold and is returned to the condensate main.

    Tracer lines Product line Steam distribution manifold. Optional insulation jacket for energy conservation. Shortens project lead times.

    Diffuser for safe. The lantern bush is needed to maintain separation between the upper and lower rings and to allow flow through the valve. Perfect tightness is assured because of the large sealing area between the piston and sealing rings.

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    Enquiries SpiraxSarco. Charlton House. A precision ground piston 1 is connected to the valve stem and handwheel. The piston passes through two sealing rings an upper 3 and lower 4 ring separated by a lantern bush 2.

    The Hook-Up Book Design of Fluid Systems PDF

    This overcomes the difficulties usually associated with the replacement of conventional seats. If the valve needs maintaining then all the internals are easily removed by undoing the cover nuts and withdrawing the piston followed by the rings and lantern bush.

    The piston valve: The upper sealing ring acts as a conventional gland packing and the lower sealing ring acts as the seat. DN15 DN20 Kv 1. When assembled the two sealing rings are compressed around the piston by the load exerted through the bonnet. The piston valve is well suited to on-off duties such as steam trap isolation.

    Spirax Sarco. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Steam and condensate manifolds ANSI Class specification Although the condensate flowrates are relatively small trap populations will be high as all tracer lines should be individually trapped. Documents Similar To Spirax Sarco. Siddharth Runwal. Myrna Roque Fuentes. Tanveer Ahmed.

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